Custom Lens Tinting

Custom lens tinting is about much more than aesthetics. The right tint, when added to your prescription lenses, can help to protect your eyes and serve to help you see more clearly, in a variety of conditions.

Sports people and cubicle-denizens alike will find in custom lens tinting a vision revelation. Similarly, video game enthusiasts will find that the addition of a custom tint makes the picture so much clearer.

At Gerald A. York Optician, we offer in-house, finely-customized tinting. With three opticians on deck, spanning two generations of the York family, you know you'll get exactly what you need.

Tints for every purpose.

Each color of tint addresses certain weather conditions and sports or work-specific needs.

Yellow or orange is ideal for overcast conditions and are applicable to numerous sports. These tints act to heighten contrast in conditions where there's less light. They also filter out blue light for enhanced focus, making them perfect for those who love indoor sports.

Amber, rose or red tints are terrific for partially sunny conditions, especially in snow. These offer wearers better contrast for activities like fishing, hunting, snow and water sports. But colors may appear imbalanced with these tints.

Dark amber, copper or brown tints are highly effective for filtering out blue light, which improves contrast, making vision sharper. For example, the contrast between a blue sky and green grass is much sharper. These tints are ideal for cycling, fishing, golf and water sports.

A green tint greatly sharpens contrast, while preserving the quality of colors. In sunny conditions and for golf and baseball, this is the perfect tint.

Misty, foggy, or snowy conditions call for a blue or purple tint to reduce glare and improve contour and color perception. This is just what you need for outdoor sports when the weather is less than stellar.

Finally, grey is the tint tailor-made for bright conditions, because it cuts glare, while preserving color accuracy. It's great for outdoor sports in full sun, or indoor sports under bright, electric lighting.

Get it at York.

Since 1977, Gerald A. York Optician has been serving this region. Gerald, Eileen and Gerald Jr. bring you 75 years of collective experience and the very best in custom lens tinting.

Custom lens tinting cam improve your visual acuity for all types of sports, but it can also help those who log many hours in front of a computer screen, while working or playing.

At York, we have your vision in mind. Our family is here to serve your family with the very best in vision care, from prescription to finished eyewear. We're a family of opticians offering you in-house custom lens tinting and superlative service.