Protective Sports Eyewear

If you're one of the people who continues to resist wearing protective sportswear, you should know something. Eye injuries sustained during participation in sports account for 40,000 visits to hospital emergency wards every year.

That's food for thought.

Your eyes need you to think about them, no matter what you're doing. Especially when you're playing a sport on the ice rink, on the basketball court, or on the football field, your eyes need protection.

But just as bicycle helmets are now considered an integral part of cycling, so is protective sports eyewear considered a must, all over the sporting world. So many unfortunate eye injuries could be prevented if every player would wear these eye-saving protective lenses.

Especially if you wear glasses.

You may believe that your vision isn't all that important when you're out there playing, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you wear prescription eyeglasses, then you're a prime candidate for protective sports eyewear.

Simply put, you can't wear your glasses out there. And why? They might get smashed. And if your glasses can get smashed in the heat of a sporting moment, then surely your eyes aren't safe, either.

Let's face it – you need to be able to see what's coming at you and protective sports eyewear is how you're going to be able to see it coming.

The right stuff.

Protective sports eyewear is purpose-built to protect your eyes in the heat of play. There are specific models for a variety of sports, taking into account protective headgear and other particularities of individual sports.

Usually made from polycarbonate, sports eyewear these days is almost always coated to prevent scratching. With frames made from resistant materials to prevent breakage, they're also equipped with padding to protect your head in the event of impact.

Wraparound styles are ideal for cycling and skiing and are particularly good for contact lens wearers, as they prevent the incursion of debris.

Get in the game, with York.

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