Rimless Frames

Rimless frames are one of Gerald A. York Optician’s specialties.  Right here at our store, we’ll create your lenses to exacting standards.  With collective experience totaling 75 years, the opticians at York are well-placed to provide you with the very best in rimless frames.

Rimless frames have been around since the 1880s.  There must be something to this style of eyeglass, as its popularity has endured for well over 100 years!

Teddy Roosevelt and Steve Jobs both wore them and you can too, when you come to Gerald A. York Optician to have them created with specialists in the genre.

Looking good.

If you’re the unassuming type, then rimless frames are for you.  But it’s not just their stealthy sleekness that makes them a great option.  You have unimpeded peripheral vision with rimless frames, without the frame getting in the way.  And who doesn’t love a wider field of vision?

Rimless frames allow you take advantage of vision-enhancing lenses without looking bookish, or running the risk of wearing outdated styles of eyeglass frames.  Appearing to float, they don’t get in the way of you being you, either!


Another great advantage of rimless frames is that you can change the lenses at will.  When you’re ready to take advantage of a more pleasing shape or size of lens, it’s easy with rimless frames, because there’s no actual frame to change.

A lot of people love that kind of freedom and the reduced expense of switching up your look, with rimless frames.

Light on your face – and your wallet.

For people who require prescription lenses, but don’t care for the weight of glasses on their face, or to wear contacts, rimless frames are a great alternative.  They’re so lightweight, you’ll hardly know you’re wearing them and they don’t leave those annoying grooves on the sides of your nose.

And without the frames, rimless glasses usually cost quite a bit less than traditional models.  That’s a selling feature a lot of our customers really like.

Your family optician.

At York, your vision care needs are served by a family of opticians, spanning two generations.  Gerald, Eileen and their son, Gerald Jr. are all here to bring you the very best in local vision care.  Our family offers your family the best in fashion, sporting and children’s eye wear.

Get your prescription and your new glasses in one place, when you come to York, with exceptional service that will have you coming back to visit for repairs and adjustments.

Gerald A. York Optician is the family with your family’s vision care in mind.  We’re here to serve you, with rimless frames and a wide selection of eyewear to suit every need and budget.