Custom Lens Tinting

Also known as photochromic lenses, transition lenses bring you the best of both worlds, providing prescription visual acuity and sun protection, in the same lens.

Transition lenses adjust to existing light. When you're out in the sun, they become darker and when you go indoors, they adjust to the light there. That's pretty neat for people who wear glasses. You get everything they need in just one pair.

Transition lenses only respond to the short wave lengths in sunlight, meaning they're unaffected by electric light, while you're indoors. In the sun, your lenses are dark. At night, or indoors, they look like normal eyeglasses.

So many advantages!

Because transition lenses adjust automatically, you won't be squinting when you go out in the sun. The lenses automatically adjust to the environment. No more squinting until you can pull out your clip-ons, or switch to your sunglasses. In only 30 seconds, your eyes are protected from the sun and in the same amount of time, your lenses are clear again, when you go indoors.

And while you're in the sun, the tint on these lenses offers sharper focus. You'll also save money with transition lenses, as all you need is one pair.

With one pair of glasses to keep track of, Gerald A. York Opticians is willing to bet you'll lose fewer pairs of both your glasses, when you're out and about. That's one reason transition lenses are great for kids. Notorious for losing things, they'll lose their glasses a whole lot less often.

But another great reason transition lenses are a perfect fit for kids is that they protect their eyes. UV damage to eyes from lifetime exposure is lamentably common, but transition lenses ensure your child is protected, every time they go out in the sun.

Your transition lens specialists.

At Gerald A. York Opticians, we do so much more than fill your prescriptions. With three opticians on deck to serve you, we also conduct eye and contact lens examinations.

With a full-service lab right on the premises, we do it all, from grinding custom rimless lenses (our specialty), to repairs and adjustments, you'll get the perfect fit, at York.

Gerald A. York opened for business in 1977. Working with Gerald is his wife, Eileen and son, Gerald Jr., York is a family business with your family's eye wellness in mind. This family of opticians has 75 years' collective experience to offer our community the pinnacle of vision care in the region.

Whether you're exploring the idea of transition lenses for you or your children, York is here to help. Drop in and talk to the experts at York about our wide selection of eyewear and find a world of possibilities waiting for you.

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